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BA (Interdisciplinary) Fine Art, 2003-2007 Thames Valley University (formerly Reading College of Art & Design)


Selected Exhibitions

Salcombe Art Club, Summer Exhibition            The Loft Gallery, Salcombe TQ8 8DA  Summer 2022

The Long View                                              Birdwood House Gallery, Totnes           July 2022

Shaf Arts Trail                                               Avon Mill Garden Centre, Loddiswel       Oct 2021

Salcombe Art Club                                         The Loft Gallery, Salcombe                        2021

Contemporary Passions 2021                          Harbour House, Kingsbridge               June 2021

Observation                                                  Birdwood House Gallery, Totnes          June 2019

Salcombe Art Club                                         The Loft Gallery, Salcombe            Summer 2019

Shaf Arts Trail                                                South Sands Hotel, Salcombe                   2018

Marshwood Vale Arts Awards                           Bridport Arts Centre, Dorset                     2017

Bees in a Landscape                                       Birdwood House Gallery, Totnes                2017

Shaf Arts Trail                                                Avon Mill Garden Centre                          2016

In a Landscape (group show & collaboration)    Harbour House, Kingsbridge                     2016

Shaf Arts Trail                                                White Sails Gallery, Dartmouth                 2015

Art at Avon Mill (solo)                                     Avon Mill Garden Centre                          2015

Contemporary Passions 2015 (with Shaf)          Harbour House, Kingsbridge                     2015

Shaf Arts Trail                                                Avon Mill Garden Centre                          2014

4 Seasons  (group show & collaboration)          Harbour House, Kingsbridge                     2014

Contemporary Passions  (with SHAF)                Harbour House, Kingsbridge                     2013

Contemporary Passions  (with Shaf)                 Harbour House, Kingsbridge                     2012

Renew (solo exhibition)                                  Birdwood House Gallery, Totnes                2012

Contemporary Passions (with Shaf)                  Harbour House, Kingsbridge                     2011

Joint exhibition with Barbara Strange               Lyndhurst Tourist Information Centre         2010

Compilation  (with Arjeea 21)                          Gun Street, Reading                                2008

Soil Association                                              Bristol                                                    2008

Tolhurst Organics                                           Whitchurch on Thames                            2008

Whiteknights Studio Trail                                 Reading                                                 2008

Degree Show                                                 TVU, Reading                                          2007

Café Iguana (solo)                                         Reading                                                  2007

Journeys (solo)                                              University of Reading                               2006


I provided images for The Freckles Effect, a musical written and produced by Triple Dare Productions.  I also prepared images for projection during performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016 and at the Roper Theatre, Bath in September 2016.


My painting Bluebells at Hope Cove was used for the cover of The Cottage Hotel, Hope Cove, Walker’s Companion, by Valerie Belsey (published 2015).  This book is available at the Cottage Hotel and local shops.


2007-2008 Artist in Residence at Tolhurst Organics in Pangbourne, Oxfordshire.

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