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After a BA(Hons) in Fine Art at Reading College of Art and Design, Hazel set out on a journey of artistic discovery and experimentation.  Her landscapes and seascapes are of an individual style, strongly influenced by the colours and patterns in her surroundings.

“I’ve always felt more at home in the countryside than in a town.  As a child, I savoured the occasional holidays in Devon visiting family friends and relatives, wishing I could stay and live among the green and blue landscape.

Moving eventually to Totnes felt like a home-coming.  The countryside was immediately familiar, a return to an old friend.  My paintings embrace the curves and the changing colours, the big skies and the intricate coves.  I spend time exploring, taking in the shapes and the effects of passing clouds; clambering over rocks and along paths, immersing myself in the landscape.  In each painting, the Place and the moment in time are of utmost importance, the essence of a particular spot imprinted in my eye and in my heart.“

If you'd like information about any of my paintings, please send me a message.

In addition to the paintings on this site, I occasionally take commissions to paint a specific scene in the same style. 


I currently have work in local galleries including White Sails Gallery, Dartmouth and Hope Cove Gallery, overlooking the sea!

From 2nd-9th July 2022 I took part in a collaborative exhibition at Birdwood Gallery, Totnes.

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