August, East Border (2008)
Oil on Linen 50cmx50cm
Red clover in Lower BecJohathon Harvesting LeeksLower Bec and the Rabbit BanksRed Kite over Lower BecSolanum Tuberosum in Lower BecFebruary, Boze Down
Messing about on the Yealm
LinocutThe Ramasseur do CoquillagesThe Country BakerThe Bait Digger at LepeThe ColtThe Sea Angler at Torcross, linocut
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Thurlestone Rock from Leas Foot Sands  65 x 40 cm approx oil on canvas 
Spring Day at Start Point

Bluebells at South Milton Sands
Across the Causeway to Burgh Island
SOLDClouds above Seal Bay
Oil on linen 60 x 50 cm
SoldWembury from Revelstoke
Oil on linen
70 x 60 cm
The Great Mewstone
60 x 50cm
oil on linen

Hallsands, Contemplation
SoldWaves along the Dorset Coast
A Winter's Day at Lepe
Late September at Revelstoke
Oil and mixed media on canvas
40 x 80 cm